Salubrity and Soul…The redux

Salubrity and Soul…The redux

A ring of the doorbell in the middle of a warm summer’s night. A couple of songs playing on the radio, one after the other, on the way to the emergency room that now every time I hear again will forever take me back to that moment in time when I was hoping that all that I was experiencing was just a crazy bad dream. An unanswered prayer that I now have a greater understanding of and immense gratitude for. A dark night of the soul and a healing journey that led me back to my yoga practice after a long hiatus. A spiritual awakening. A promise kept and a divinely guided idea that I felt compelled to share. All – the birthing of Salubrity and Soul, the blog, and now Salubrity and Soul Yoga – coming soon.

Today I re-welcome you to Salubrity and Soul, the blog. Formerly a grief blog, but now a space where I sometimes share tidbits of my healing journey, perspectives on life, spirituality, gratitude, my love of nature, but mostly all things yoga, meditation, wellness and wellbeing related.

Salubrity and Soul celebrates the whole self – mind, body, heart, and soul and thriving within a wellness of being – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Whether you are a veteran Salubrity and Soul reader or are new to this space I thank you for stopping by, and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my posts. My hope is that you find the content here helpful and as always I look forward to connecting, learning and sharing with you.

Also, before I end this post I would like to remind you that you can connect with me on Instagram at @salubrityandsoulyoga, and soon you will be able to also connect with me on Spotify on the Salubrity and Soul Yoga podcast where you can listen to content from this blog as well as find meditations, short yoga sessions, weekly affirmations and more while on the go or whenever you’re just short on time and don’t have time to read the blog. Thank you for reading.

Until the next time…

I’m sending you light, I’m sending you love

and as always

Take care and be well,

– Carol