Life is full of ups and downs.
Caring for our whole self can help us manage all of it.

Hi!  My name is Carol.  I am a health and wellness enthusiast and a self-proclaimed grief and loss advocate.  I decided to start Salubrity + Soul because I wanted to create a space that would allow me to share my story of loss and healing and my thoughts regarding health and wellness with others.  More specifically, I want to be able to share some of the strategies that have worked well for me.  My hope is that my story will serve as a source of inspiration to anyone who has had similar life experiences.

In my spare time you might find me trying a new recipe, taking pictures outdoors, dancing in my kitchen while whipping up a meal and listening to music, reading psychology journals, philosophical works and personal development books, watching a movie with my significant other, walking our family fur baby, trying to run on my treadmill without rolling off the back of it and falling flat on my face, admiring a sunset or looking at the moon and stars, trying a new yoga pose, planting flowers, plants or seeds, meditating, hiking, or finding a comfortable pair of yoga pants to put on so that I can just relax and chill with a really good facial clay mask and a great cup of tea.

My inspiration for starting a blog came after the sudden, unexpected loss of my youngest adult child. After spending a year grieving and trying different strategies to maintain my mental and physical health I realized that I could use blogging as a platform, not just to share my story, but also as a part of my healing practice – and maybe…just maybe my story could be useful to someone else in return.  I have an immense passion for living an authentic and intentional life and one that is as mentally and physically healthy as possible.  I can’t wait to start sharing, learning, engaging and journeying with you!

Take care + be well,

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