Finding Joy

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“And here is the key: As long as you are letting your joy be your guiding light, then you can always stay in balance.” – Abraham Hicks

Not to sound cliche’, as I am saying this straight from the heart and with the utmost authenticity – “Spring is in the air!”

Yes! it’s in the air, and I am completely elated because springtime is the one season that lights a spark within me. I guess you could even say that springtime fill me with joy – real joy.

I used to think that it was solely because of the warmer weather, the unfurling plant life, the reemergence of all of the lovely colorful flowers, increased daylight, chirping birds – and I can not leave out the ladybugs and butterflies (just to name a few of spring’s most heart-warming assets.)

But, I have have come to realize that my feelings about spring go much deeper than those things just being things. They are things that awaken me to my core. I am humbled by them, and I am grateful for the benefits that I receive from them as they please all of my senses.

Ever energizing and euphorically interesting and otherworldly – springtime is the season that time and time again always brings me back home.

Where do you find joy?

Thanks for reading.

Until the next post…

Take care.

3 thoughts on “Finding Joy

  1. Spring is one of my favorite seasons along with Autumn. Although each one invokes different feelings there is nothing like Spring to leave winter behind. It is a season of emergence and one that motivates in its renewal. Autumn, I love the burning wood in old and idle fireplaces and the crisp air that puts most to sleep. I love the fall colors and the harvest and the preparedness for sleeping. Nice post.


    1. It’s always nice connecting with someone who, too, appreciates the blessings of the seasons! I really enjoyed reading what you shared about your experiences with Spring and Autumn, and I very much agree with you. I love that Autumn acts as Spring’s opposite with Autumn being a season of “preparing to say goodbye to everything” and Spring being a season of saying “Hello amazingness, it’s so wonderful to see you again!”. Both are breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and I wish you a beautiful rest of the week!


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